Passing data in microapp navigation

There are several configuration settings and features of Studio that allow you to define what your app supports. You have seen how to add the Query Strings that enable you to utilize the parameters in the public embedded apps.

Let us see how to make use of the Query string to pass data between microapps.

Under Config options > Query strings, click ’ Add query string’, and define your keyword name and the keyword value. This value will always be accessed by using the formula: QUERYSTRING(“keyword name”).

Now after you add a query string function to a control and publish your app you may want to embed it into another app and get its value from another app. Typically this is useful when you are using mobile apps in scenarios like passing a TransactionID from the Shopping app to the Online Payment App.

So now if we take a simple example here to use the Transaction id from the Shopping app and send it to the Payment App, let us see how it works.

Create a Payment App with the Transaction Id and the Payment options which would then open the appropriate payment gateway.

payment method

Under Config Options > Query String add a new query string variable. This would be the variable that would be passed from the Shopping App.

In the Shopping App we will now add a Transaction form with a numeric control for Transaction Id and an Action button to take you to the Payment app.

Now for the Action button that is added to Make Payment, we will add a MicroApp Navigation task which would allow you to navigate to the other app and send the query string parameter.

Select the App to navigate to and then select the Dynamic data fields. Here you will find the QueryString key. So add the QueryString key that you have already added in the other Payment App. In this example, we want to pass the Transaction id from the Numeric control that we had created earlier. You can either send a specific value or use the keyword to select the specific control or variables.

This feature works only in published apps and is not visible in the preview. So you would need to Publish both the Apps first. Now whenever you run the Shopping App and click the Payment button, the query string will enable you to pass the Transaction Id to the Payment App.