On-screen actions - Set Data Environment

You have seen how to create and manage data environments. These data environments can be required in different scenarios as part of your action flow steps. For example, you may want to change the data environment for a specific user or user group and so on. You have the new task under Action flow > On-screen actions to set or change the data environment.

  • Under Action flow > On-screen actions> Utility Block, click Set Data Environment action which allows you to set the data environment.

  • From the list of environments added earlier using the Manage Environment, select the Environment and click Continue.

  • Provide the Action Unique Name and click Finish.

The Data environment would be changed to the selected one. You can use the keyword DATAENV to view the current data environment.

Note: When data environment is updated using action flow, control’s using this DATAENV in their formula will also automatically gets re-evaluated on change of Data Environment