On-screen actions - Logic block

Studio has a range of different action blocks that you can use to build different on-screen actions. These actions happen on the client-side and thus enable you to get a response immediately. These actions typically involve actions like adding a logical flow with branching tasks, adding delays, app related actions like hide or displaying a page loader.

The Logic Block provides you with tasks that are based on logical actions of adding branching and delays.


Studio enables you to provide conditional tasks without writing a single line of code. This is the branching feature that enables you to define conditions or rules for the different tasks and to then perform actions based on whether the condition/s is satisfied.

There are a minimum of two branches that you would need to define, there can be more if required. The branching is usually going to be a continuation of another task like an approval task or input task or others.

In each Branch, you would provide a condition that would return TRUE or FALSE. In this example here we are adding a condition that if the Rating given is 5 star then the next action like a confirmation message or Toast should be shown. In this case the condition would be stated as seen in the illustration below where rating1 is the Rating control added to the form. LOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions would not work in this branching formulas.

So when either of these conditions are satisfied the next actions would be completed accordingly.


With the Delay action you can add a delay of a few milliseconds between two actions.

To add a delay action to your action flow, under Logic block, select Delay and click Continue. Then Configure Action Fields by adding the Duration in Milliseconds and click next. Provide an Action Unique Name that is self explanatory. Click Finish.

Now if you add another action after the delay action added here there would be a short delay before the next one.

You can then specify a condition as to when to execute the action and which environment. An Action Unique name is important that would help you identify the tasks in the flow.