On-screen actions - Edit

Now when you create the different action blocks, there may be times when you want to move the action after a different action or may even want to duplicate the current action. Under On-screen Action the Edit block provides you with these two functionalities: Duplicate Action and Move Action

on screen action edit block

Duplicate Action

The Duplicate action simply creates a copy of the selected Action and adds it to the Action Flow after the current action. It can be moved to any position as required.

  1. To Duplicate Action, click Duplicate Action and click Continue. You will get a list of available tasks.

  2. From the Task List, select the task to be duplicated and click Continue. The task is added to the Action flow.

Move Action

The actions that you create in the Action flow can be moved to a different location depending upon where you need them.

  1. Select the Action after which you wish to move any of the actions and click + to open the On-screen actions. Under Edit Block, click **Move Action > Continue **.

  2. From the Task List, select the task or action to be moved and click Continue.

  3. The Task appears below the current action.

You can thus make use of these features to arrange and duplicate any of the tasks in your Action Flow.

Whatsapp Message

There can be situations where you would want to send a WhatsApp message from your app. In that case, you can make use of the WhatsApp Message from the Action Flow to carry out the task.

  • Message text: is the mandatory field to send a WhatsApp message, add the Message Text. You can also make use of the Keywords to use for sending messages.
  • Image URL: Is the URL of the image to be sent in the WhatsApp message.
  • URL: This is the URL that you want to share in the WhatsApp message.

Enter the details as required. Each has an option to add keywords. Thus you can make use of the form control and other input values to complete the action.

whatsapp message1

Now whenever you have an Action button click your action flow would be triggered and the specified text message would be sent.

In the example below, we will be sending the message that is entered in the Text control. Now when you click the “Send Whatsapp Message” button, the action flow is triggered. The WhatsApp on your device is opened and you can choose the contact from your list to send the message to.

In this example, we will also add the Image URL and the URL to share along with the image.

Copy to Clipboard

Now there are times when you need to use the Screen data by copying it to the clipboard and using it at a later stage.

Under Edit block you now have a Copy to Clipboard task that allows you to keep the selected item copied to the clipboard and then paste it to the desired place at a later event.

You can have your custom text or the text from the Keywords which include control data, variables, and action output, copied to the clipboard. To copy to clipboard, under Action flow > On-screen Action > Edit block, enter the text to be copied or select the Keywords. Click Continue.

copy text

  • Add the Action Unique name and conditions to execute and the environment and click Finish.
  • Now whenever you have an Action event then the action flow would be triggered and the specified text would be copied to the clipboard. You can then go to the location where you want to paste it. On the mobile app, you can long-press and use the paste option. In this example here we are pasting it in the text control below the Action button. The text is copied to the clipboard when you click “Copy text to clipboard”.

View Document

You will have scenarios where you would need to view documents from a specific URL like say for example the terms and conditions, the PDF report fetched for a patient, or say a PDF file generated as a result of your successful online payment and so on. In these cases you would first want to view the Document. This is possible as an Action task using the View Document task.

You can provide the URL for the document using an input control or it could be generated on completion of tasks like online payments and then this value or URL can then be passed to the view document task as an input.

  • URL of the documents: Specify the URL of the documents to be displayed.

  • Calculate preview height automatically: Set this as True or False to specify whether to set the preview height automatically.

  • Frame Border: Allows you to enable or disable the Frame border.

  • Height with Unit: Allows you to specify the height.

  • Width with Unit: Allows you to specify the width with Unit.

So whenever you run the app or take a preview you can note the size as per the specified height and width.