On-screen actions - Edit

Now when you create the different action blocks, there may be times when you want to move the action after a different action or may even want to duplicate the current action. Under On-screen Action the Edit block provides you with these two functionalities: Duplicate Action and Move Action

edit block

Duplicate Action

The Duplicate action simply creates a copy of the selected Action and adds it to the Action Flow after the current action. It can be moved to any position as required.

  1. To Duplicate Action, click Duplicate Action and click Continue. You will get a list of available tasks.

  2. From the Task List, select the task to be duplicated and click Continue. The task is added to the Action flow.

Move Action

The actions that you create in the Action flow can be moved to a different location depending upon where you need them.

  1. Select the Action after which you wish to move any of the actions and click + to open the On-screen actions. Under Edit Block, click **Move Action > Continue **.

  2. From the Task List, select the task or action to be moved and click Continue.

  3. The Task appears below the current action.

You can thus make use of these features to arrange and duplicate any of the tasks in your Action Flow.