October'22 DronaHQ Update

New Features

Sharing URL - Allow only verified/logged-in users to access the link

This toggle is a new feature in the Studio that applies a unique property that will let you share the public link of the published microapp with everyone but with access limited only to the verified and logged-in users of this account. You can invite users from the manage users section.

You can read more here.

Connector Logs

We have introduced a developer and end-user-friendly feature in the Studio of CONNECTOR LOGS. Usually, developers check the status of the connector from the browser’s dev tool. To avoid this hectic method and make it simpler to check the status of the request, the Studio has introduced the Connectors Logs feature.

Know more about the usage and benefits of this feature, right here.

New Connector

Shell Script

DronaHQ Studio enables you to use databases by configuring their connectors and now Shell Script Connector is available in the studio.
The Shell Script connector enables you to execute a list of shell commands on a remote server such as AWS, Azure, Droplet, and more by establishing an SSH connection.

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New Control

Split Button

The studio now has excellent control of Spilt Button which is a combination of dropdown control and button control. The SPLIT BUTTON is a composite control that has the dual functionality of a primary button with a default on-click action trigger along with a secondary dropdown menu with a list of mutually exclusive values.

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New Action

Write NFC Tag

In the easy and simple no-code way of building code logic area of Action flow, now you have the action of Write NFC Tag. In the Studio, you have features to program/write NFC tags. We have dedicated action to create NFC tags for passive NFC devices.

This action on the trigger can reprogram NFC tags from devices. Use this action on button controls and you can make your microapp an NFC writer.

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