OAuth Authorization for Google Sheet

You will be required to set up an OAuth Application with all permissions in order to use it with Self-Hosted version of Studio. The Google Cloud Platform enables us to grant third-party applications access to files in our Google Drive. This includes all of your documents, spreadsheets, photos, and other files in your drive folder.

  1. Go to Google Console after a successful sign-in to your account or creating a new account.
  2. Next, create a new project from your Google console.
  3. Now you need to generate OAuth 2.0 Client ID. Go to APIs & Services > Credentials .
  4. Create an OAuth Client ID credential and add the following link under Authorized redirect URIs
    Eg: https://ubuntu.onprem.dronahq.com/oauth_callback
    The user needs to provide the domain/IP address of the server where self-hosted is installed.
  5. Save it and you will get your client’s secret and ID information.
  6. Lastly, you’ll have to enable APIs to communicate with different services. For example, if you’re integrating google sheets, you’ll have to search for Google Sheets as well as Google Drive using the top search bar and enable API under Enable APIs and Services.
  7. Feed the details in the self-hosted system and test the connection.

NOTE : You must have a Google service account. You can know more about creating a service account here.

You can refer to this article to know more about integration and using Google Sheet connector API.