Now create an app simply using Screen Wizard!

Happy to Introduce the Screen Wizard.

You are now used to the process of building apps with simple functionalities. Say for example you have a sheet for user details which your HR team uses to fill data manually without any checks. You have to go through the process of dragging and dropping controls to build the UI and then to create and bind workflows. That is the fastest method as of now. It is a simple process but which is no doubt time-consuming.

Why do you need a Screen Wizard?

Considering the need for speed for your development platform, we are happy to provide a simple wizard that is lightning fast. Imagine being able to build a fully functional app from scratch using a sheet and that in under a minute? Sounds unreal? It isn’t anymore. We are happy to introduce the Screen Wizard.

The Screen Wizard is extremely useful in scenarios where the App is not UI intensive but deems user input as primary functionality. Imagine you have a Review form which submits data, with Screen Wizard you can make an app out of it in seconds. It includes the creation of a screen as well as the creation of a workflow.

Obviously the app created is completely modifiable just like any other app on the platform but it gives you the power of accelerating the first step 10 fold.

Great, where can I find the Screen Wizard?

The Screen wizard is a part of the Screens > Add screen dropdown.

There are 3 types of Screen wizards with each having its own journey; Form, Presentation, and CRUD.

  • The Form type creates a simple form with a Submit button, and workflow for Update Sheet Task to insert records. The workflow is also linked to the Submit button.
  • The Presentation type creates a simple table grid view that is used for the presentation of data from the selected sheet.
  • The CRUD type creates a form with a detailed view and grid view along with options to create functionality for insert, update or delete records.

How do I use the Screen Wizard?

You only need to create a sheet with the necessary columns. From the Screens > Add screen, select the wizard of your choice and select the necessary functionality as required for your app. There can be some non-editable fields such as IDs in applications where you may be using update and delete functionality while other fields can be editable. It is important to remember that your workflows are also ready. If you want to make any changes to the look and feel or any other column or control, you can easily do it even if the form is created using the Screen Wizard.

Here are a few samples of the screens created. All the screens are completely functional.

Form type


CRUD type

We are sure this makes creating screens or forms using the Screen Wizard simpler for you now. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share in our Suggestions Section.