November '23 DronaHQ Updates

New Features

AI-Powered Suggestions in DB Configuration

Simplify error troubleshooting during configuration and testing with our latest update! Now, our platform offers AI-powered suggestions in the test connection phase for all database connectors. These suggestions provide invaluable support in understanding errors and offer common troubleshooting causes for smoother resolutions.

Secrets Manager with HashiCorp

Your data security matters to us. That’s why we’ve introduced integration with HashiCorp for managing critical resources externally, ensuring an added layer of security for sensitive information like database passwords and API keys.


Snowflake: Encrypted Key Authentication

Enhance your connections with the Snowflake connector! We’ve introduced key-pair authentication, ensuring encrypted and secure interactions for users.

HubSpot: Added Endpoints

Expanding functionalities, we’ve introduced new endpoints:

  • GetProducts: Gain insights into available merchandise by obtaining a comprehensive list of products.
  • GetProductsById: Retrieve detailed product information using unique identifiers, enabling precise data retrieval.
  • UpdateProduct: Facilitating updates to product data, this endpoint allows modifications to existing product information.

Google Pub Sub: Action Enhancements

Improving message processing capabilities, our recent enhancements include additional attributes for contextual information. The new Ordering Key feature allows for more precise message delivery to subscribers, offering better control over messages

InfluxDB v2 and v3

Our enhancements now cover InfluxDB V2 and V3, expanding our support to ensure seamless utilization and integration with the latest InfluxDB versions.

DronaHQ Docs have found a new place!

We have updated and moved our documentation to
You can continue to ask questions in the community here.