November’22 DronaHQ Update


Navbar Control Updates

Open dropdown on: This property sets the action on which the dropdown is supposed to be visible. You can select from- Hover and Click.


Connector Logs – Timeline


The Timeline section of the connector enables you to view how much time it is taking for the API to load and provide a success or an error response. You can also view the type and the initiator of the API call.

Auto generation of CRUD function

  • You can include quotes in column Names eg: col_name (Special characters in table columns will be handled)
  • Allows you to create only a Single view operation.
  • Multi-select in Update/delete identifier (with And Condition) is possible now.

New Connectors

Configuring DB Connectors – Firebase Auth ( User Management)

The Studio now has a subcategory API of Firebase called User Management. The Firebase Auth for User Management provides for managing your Firebase Authentication users with elevated privileges. This user management connector gives you the ability to programmatically complete several tasks such as creating users, looking up for users, listing all users, and more, from a secure server environment.

You can read more here.

New Controls

Text Suggestion

Studio now has a very interesting control similar to text input, called Text Suggestion. It is an input control that provides aid to the end user while typing something. The control provides word suggestions based on a few typed letters.

Click here to read more.

Date Range Picker

The Date Range Picker control in the Studio is a composite control that gives two outputs - start date and end date used to accept a range of dates from the user in the microapp from a calendar widget. It has various properties, which enable you to select time also.

To know more read from here.

Self-Hosted Updates

The Self-Hosted version has a very unique service to check its system health by accessing the health status of the Self-Hosted system. The Health Status provides you with the overall status of all the services of your running Self-Hosted system. This is useful to crosscheck problems faced while activating or using Self-Hosted version.

Read about it here.