Notify MicroApp update if app is used in Kiosk mode

If a MicroApp or Container app is opened for more than certain threshold, say 30 mins, then it should check for update every 30 mins and notify the end user whenever a new update is available.

Use case - MicroApp is being used in Kiosk mode and It seems that if I publish a new version of an app, in order for the client to see the update the client must force close the existing version in order for DronaHQ to see the new version and update it. Most of our folks aren’t going to be regularly force closing the app so this poses a problem in ensuring that everyone is using the latest published version.

This feature has been implemented on Android and iOS Client App.
For Android, your client app needs to be above - v8.1.44
For iOS, your client app needs to be above - v8.1.19

If you are not already on the latest version, please update the app from Apple Appstore and Google Playstore respectively.