Not able to make a Whatsapp Connection through


I was trying to connect to whatsapp through
I have a sandbox account, with an app nam and api key.

but not able to connect. Getting an error, cannot add your account.
I am using the same sender no that is Gupshup proxy number


Hi @yash1,

I see, Sender Number which is a required field is empty. That could be the reason you are not able to add test account. Also, Gupshup api added has basic text message support, if you are planning to give Image media support as well in your message then it is recommended to use Twilio service that also provide Send Whatsapp message option.

Hope this Helps!

I appreciate the reply. The snapshot doesnt show the number, but as mentioned in my query, I am using the default gupshup no. Still its not working.

Thanks for the advise on Twilio. will try that.

I am just trying to understand how various API Intigration works.