NFC Not Working

Hello, I have implemented this NFC action on button click, and it’s not working on iOS, i haven’t tested android, it doesn’t open NFC write at all and i get error message. Tested in the DronaHQ launcher on iOS

Hi @dimitrijedjekanovic,

You should be able to read and write to NFC tags successfully on android devices.

We are trying to replicate the issue on iOS, unfortunately, we have had no luck so far. As we dug deep into it, it seems to be related to the recent iOS updates. We are further looking into it to replicate and identify the root cause of the concern.

We will keep you posted.

Hello, is there an update to this?

Hi @dimitrijedjekanovic,

May I know the OS version of your iOS device? Will it be possible for you to try it on an iOS device having OS version 15 or below? Let us know if you are facing issues on other iOS versions as well.

As we further drilled down into it, we identified it to be something related to iOS’s latest upgrade only. Many iOS users using NFC tags have raised this concern with the latest iOS update and seems like the Apple team will be looking for its fix in their subsequent upgrades.

Here are a couple of related articles for your reference.

Do let us know your insights.

I am on 16.1.1 ios on iphone 14 pro.

If i download some other nfc write/read app nfc works without issues. I am not sure it’s related to ios itself?