New UI for Connectors: Product announcement

Your Connectors have a new look.

Why the new Connector UI?

When building your Studio apps, you have been using the Connectors for some time now. We had a very nice and simple connector UI but felt the need to provide a new look for an improved experience that ensured easier configuration of your Connectors. It is an ongoing activity to provide a range of capabilities and features hence the need to improvise further. Do have a look.

Where are the changes?

We have made a major overhaul of the Connectors. You would notice the changes in more than a few places.

There are modifications in the Connector feature that are found on the Studio Console Home Screen left corner menu. If you click Connector, a list of connectors is shown. These are the Connectors connected to the respective account. You can see a cleaner interface here in the Connectors.

You can now see the types of Connector as App, REST, or Database. Depending upon the type of connector you have the next actions available, namely, Manage Account, Add API, and Add Query. Earlier you would have seen all the global connectors listed as against showing only the connected ones now.

Now if you click +Connector, you can note that all available APIs and Databases are listed out. You can select from the list and continue to configure it depending upon the type. You can also find the option to edit or delete the Connector using (…) More options available for each connector.

Now if you go to your Builder where you have always been adding the connectors, you can now see a small change here. We have now added two tabs, one that lists out the Connected ones which is the same as the connected ones listed out in Studio Console Home Screen under App > Connector. This will enable you to add the DB connector or API connector from within the UI Builder now.

There is another tab, In Use, which has a list of all Connectors in use for the account. Earlier this was available under Builder >Connectors.

You can also add connectors from Builder using +Connector. This is the same as in the Studio Console Home screen under the App> Connectors > + Connector option.

Under the Connected list of connectors, you can see the operations to Manage Account, Add API, and Add Query. The list of available actions for each connector is also provided. Manage Account shows the action for the list of Connectors that are provided by default. The Add API is for the Rest API Connectors that are added by you while the Add Query would be for the databases added by you.

There is also a slight change in the UI for the Database connectors. When you are configuring the DB Connectors using the connection string or the appropriate authentication parameters, the dialog box appears in a compact look and feel but with the same parameters that were earlier available depending upon the type of Database. This interface allows you to test and add any database with a single click on a single page.

When you configure your connector you would be provided these actions to choose from and configure as per your needs to bind data. If you click Manage Account you can update the configuration of your existing accounts or add a new account.

We are sure this gives you a quick overview of the latest improvements to the Connectors and are sure that it would make your app development a great user experience. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share your thoughts in our Suggestions Section.