Multiple Lists (form repeat) on a screen


We have a usecase, where we are trying to make a screen to accept expenses details for multiple employers a user might have worked for .

Q1. Is it possible to have multiple lists on a single screen?
In my earlier discussions and experience while making apps, It was not allowed to have multiple lists. I noticed while creating the application that we can have multiple lists (form repeats).

have there been any feature updates that allow us to have this functionality?

Q2. If this is possible, and we are saving information in sheets, what is the way to add information of the lists in separate rows of the sheets, using action flow, BPM is an addon!


Hi Yash,

We have 2 containers currently:

  1. Form multirow
  2. Form repeat

The difference between both is that form multirow has the ability in BPM flows to create multiple rows in DronaHQ Sheets (by default) while form repeat gives a json output which can go in a single cell of the sheet.

We have enabled iterate task inside bpm flows using which you can iterate differently on any of the controls and form repeat is now allowed to be dropped multiple times on the screen.

Hope this provides the necessary clarification.

Thanks Divyesh,

This helps.

I was wondering , since BPM is an add on, is there a possibility to iterate on the Form Multi Row using Action flow.

I have done that in the past on a MySQL DB, where we used custom function to iterate SQL query on the frontend, and used action task to just push that 1 query.

This way by using Action, we could iterate and push data in multiple rows.

Will it be possible to do the same on “Sheets”?