Multiple Attachment in Mail not working

Dear Team,

As per our requirement, I have configured an email task to send images from multiple fields, it is not sending the email, If we change it to a single column then we required in the attachment. Pl guide what I am missing here.

Hi @kundan.jha,

I see you are trying to add controls unique name in a static array format. Static array accepts only static/hardcoded values. For using multiple controls you should use formula instead.

If you have single fileupload control just add control’s unique name directly or in case of multiple control’s you need to use MERGE() function to merge into a single array.

Example -

 MERGE(uploadpancardcopy, uploadaadharcardcopy, yourselfie, signature)

Where parameters of MERGE function are unique names of different controls.

Hope this helps!

Solved my issue, but there should tutorial document should be available to see our mistake.

Hi @kundan.jha,

Thank you for the suggestion, we are actively creating Help articles and videos that you should start seeing in coming days.

For Sending Email we have created this video, do have a look at it

Help videos will be added on our youtube channel, feel free to subscribe!