Micro apps and Containers

What is a micro app?

A micro app is a mobile application, designed to perform a specific task. A user interacts with the micro app that runs inside an application container. Each micro app can function by itself or be combined with other micro apps to create a more complex system.

Micro apps help developers breakdown large, cluttered apps into smaller, consumable apps which benefits both developers and users. This strategy lets the app developer customize the UI and navigation to better suit the one task that the app needs to accomplish.

These take less time and development resources to build and have lean functionalities that makes them light-weight and easier for the users to interact with them.

What is a container?

A Container app can host multiple micro apps like native, web, packaged web apps, etc. It simplifies managing app’s information or functions according to a user role, location or historical behaviours.

Any app developer can leverage the container and focus only on building the business requirements, while the container takes care of the core engineering led features like SSO, Enterprise-grade Security features, OAuth. This also means faster turn around time for getting the micro apps out.

Along with time and cost savings, container bring standardization to the mobility aspect of any project.

So if a user has apps like leave application, reimbursement, lead management etc. These micro apps can be hosted in one container app and user just has to download that one app from the app store.