Merge (Add) Data to a Field

Newbie question.

I want to create a list in a field and add and remove items from it Like a multiselect, but the items will be variable) . This is likely an array in a JSON field?

Can anyone help me understand how to update a JSON field. I’m guessing I have to first read the field to list all the existing items, then add the new data and write it all back to the field.

Hi @neil ,

For a list of simple text/string type data, you can use Keyword Box.

The Keyword Box control is used to display a set of keywords to the user in a box to which they can either add new keywords or remove the existing ones.

In case of complex data types say an array of JSON or a JSON key of array type, you probably can try using JSON Viewer and JSON Editor controls.

Or can you help us with a sample UI & data of the use case you are looking forward to? This might enable us in suggesting the most suitable solution.

Best Regards,
DronaHQ Team

Hi Prerna

I want a user to be able to create a Meeting and add pre-made Agenda Items from a list. The meetings are for different departments, so there can be multiple meetings that share the same agenda item - the relationship would be “many-to-many”.

I’d like to show the details of the agenda items (Topic / Description / Type / etc) perhaps in a card format like this:


(I don’t think the keyword box can display more than one field)

The user could then click to select the agenda item to include it.

My idea is to have a field in the Meetings sheet that contains all the record IDs of the Agenda Items sheet that belong to it. This sounds to me like I need to use a JSON field.

Is there a formula I can use (on_click) to update a JSON field to add or remove these Agenda item IDs?

Thanks, Neil