May'23 DronaHQ Update

New Features

Hawk Authentication

We’re introducing Hawk Authentication, a novel approach to simplifying the authentication of HTTP requests. This method revolves around HMAC digests of requests and responses, making authentication a breeze. To learn more about Hawk Authentication, check out our documentation.

Global JS Object Extension

DronaHQ now offers an extended version of JS Objects, providing users with the flexibility to create functions, key-value pairs, and variables. What’s even more exciting is that once you save a JS Object, it becomes accessible across all apps in your studio account, offering global support. Dive deeper into writing and utilizing Global JS Objects in this article.


Ask AI in JavaScript Code Assistance

We’ve enhanced our JavaScript Code Assistance section by integrating Ask AI. This feature allows you to generate JavaScript code efficiently using natural language prompts. For a detailed guide on using Ask AI in JavaScript Code Assistance, refer to our documentation.

Automation Engine 2.0

Our Automation Engine gets a significant upgrade with version 2.0. This includes:

  • A fresh new look.

  • A redesigned engine for executing and logging results.

  • The ability to set schedules using powerful CRON expressions.

  • Configuration options for manual webhooks.

  • A feature that lets you preview and test your entire flow in the debugger run logs.

  • The capability to run individual blocks one by one while constructing the complete flow.

On the technical front, we’ve optimized the cloud infrastructure, running everything in a single flow on Lambda and scheduling it on Eventbridge without the need for a queue. To delve deeper into Automation V2, explore our documentation.

DronaHQ Docs have found a new place!

We have updated and moved our documentation to
You can continue to ask questions in the community here.