March'23 DronaHQ Update

New Feature

Widget Creator

Studio has a new feature of combining controls and features of it into modules. Widgets are reusable modules that have their own functionality with distinct functions, rules, input, and output data. In the Studio, one can create these widgets with various controls, rules, and connector integrations.

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Tab Index

Control your navigation order using the TAB index. There is a unique feature available for some selected controls, called Tab Index. With the Tab Index feature, you can navigate through the control by using the TAB button.
To view the Tab index, drag and drop the tab index supported controls and view the tab index property under the selected screen.

You can read more about it from here.

Using JSON UI to Bind Data

While binding static data to select controls like the split button, checkbox, and more, you can find this new feature to add JSON values using a dedicated UI right beside JS and SQL. This UI option is available to make the developer experience easier and more direct.

In the bind data section under Data, you can see the UI option. The UI option provides different JSON UI depending on the type of control. Let’s see the UI for split control.

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Querying JSON using SQL as Variable

Studio has enhanced the experience to write JSON variables with SQL querying features in it. That means we can filter JSON values by implementing SQL queries on it. This is helpful to query JSON values within the controls. The idea is to work on NoSQL data sources using SQL queries.
With this option, you can perform SQL-like queries on data. It works the same as Querying JSON using SQL from the Data bind section.

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Import SSH Key

With this enhancement of Studio in SSH key management, you also have the option to add an existing SSH key from your system. Simply toggle the Import Key option and choose a .pem file from the system.

AWS S3 Additional Methods

Studio has now added two more methods to the Amazon AWS S3 API connector.
To create a copy of a file from one bucket to another, we have the CopyObject sub-API which can help you to copy any object from a bucket to another bucket with a distinctive user-chosen name, provided that the object and the buckets should be in the same account.

Studio provides you with a sub-category of DeleteObjects.

Salesforce Connector: Sandbox and Custom Endpoint Support

Now play around with your database using Sandbox enhancement in Salesforce configuration. If you have created a test environment and want to connect to it for testing purposes, this is also possible with the Salesforce Connector by switching on the Connect to Sandbox toggle.

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New Controls

Markdown Viewer Control

With this control you can view formatted texts with bold, italics, underline, and more, the Studio has a control called Markdown Viewer. Markdown is a simple syntax that formats text as headers, lists, boldface, and so on.
The Markdown Viewer control allows you to bind markdown text directly in the control and it will render the HTML based on it. It is helpful to showcase presentational attributes and tags of HTML in text formatting.

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Markdown Editor Control

Studio has introduced a new control of Markdown Editor to write formatted lightweight text. Markdown is a simple syntax that formats text as headers, lists, boldface, and so on.
The Markdown Editor allows you to write markdown and has a preview if you need to see the output in between. The output of this control is the markdown string.

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New Action

Filter Object

There is an on-screen action of Filter Objects which enable you to apply conditions for filtering the data from a data source provided that it should be in the form of an array of objects.