March’22 DronaHQ Studio updates


Dynamic Collection option in MongoDB

Now in the mongoDb connector, you can use the dynamic collection option. Earlier to create connectors, users had to specify the collection name beforehand. But there are certain applications where the collection name changes or is provided dynamically, so for that case as well, we got you covered. Presenting you the Dynamic collection option. Now, instead of a particular collection, you can provide a variable called {{collectionName}} which can be used to provide a collection name later on.

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New connectors

Clickhouse Database connector

Want to use OLAP DBMS for your application related to business reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, business process management (BPM), budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, etc.? The newly introduced connector of CLICKHOUSE DB DATABASE, which is a fast open-source OLAP DBMS on DronaHQ Studio enables you to use it for such applications.

For more on Clickhouse database refer here.

New control


Check out this new CASCADER control, where you can set the path/location of a definite element. It can be used to project parent-child relationships to reach the endpoint of a path.

It is a combination of select and input fields to choose a set of values from a multi-level tree.

You even get to decide the return type from this control in three different options: string, array and return only value.

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Want to implement a lean workflow management method for managing and defining the workflow of services? Well with this new KANBAN control on DronaHQ Studio you get to implement the same and it also helps you to improve services through it.

You get a dashboard with several cards which you can drag and drop according to your wish within the groups present inside the dashboard.

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Tag control is used to display information which enables the users to get a quick glance over the things that they are interested in. Tag control helps to display various tags that might be helpful to label data or other profiles. You can add any number of labels, each with a customizable color option. This helps to simplify the way data is represented. Be it for candidate skills, to written article genres, there are a huge number of use cases where tag control can come to play and steal the show

tag control


The Pagination control is a Display control that is used for pagination. It enables you to change the selected page of the tablegrid control. You can configure custom actions whenever the page is changed. It helps to make the User Interface cleaner and visibly appealing by separating pagination actions from the inbuilt pagination in tablegrid control.

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File parser control is a logical control used to parse XML, CSV or JSON files. All we have to do is provide a sample file and it will parse any file format having the same schema as the sample file. It parses data and provides it to other controls. Also parsed files can be converted to other formats like JSON, that is needed for tablegrid control. FIleparser control can be of huge help when working on huge data involving operations like Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting [CRUD].