Maps route address

Good Morning.

Would anyone have an example or know how to explain to me how I use two text fields to enter addresses (point A to Point B) and display the value on a map?
I need an example or tutorial to be able to make the sum of kilometers between two or more points for a delivery system.

Thank you very much.


For using Map Control - Refer this

Using LOOKUP is a recommended option when working with Maps. If you are not using LOOKUP to get Locations from Sheet and instead using Text fields then, provided you have Location value in “Latitude,Longitude” format, you can use MERGE(textfield1,textfield2) formula and apply it to Map control to display pins where textfield1 and textfield2 are unique names of the Text field. Map control accepts Array of Locations which can be used as pins

For Calculating distance, straight line distance can be calculated using DISTANCE function.

Hope this Helps!