Mandatory Field not working

Dear Team,

I have created a 07 screen pages form, in the 3rd screen all columns are mandatory but users easily bypassing it, on that last screen 7 system doesn’t allow users to submit without filling required Input Field. After giving the required Input on only last screen system save data.

Request you to please guide me on how to restrict users.

There are 2 ways in which you can handle this:

  1. When you navigate from screen 3 you can use “Validate and Navigate” option -> This is the best option as the user will be on the same screen and he will be able to identify the unfilled fields.
  2. On the submit page there is an advanced option of “Validate Pages” where you can select screens which need to be validated before the submission happens. -> This will be the second best option as this doesn’t highlight which screen user has left unfilled.

Hope this helps.

Previously I have seen such a setting, but now I am unable to find Validate & Navigate option.

I see that you are using an action button and you must have used NAVIGATE() function.

If you see in detail, the NAVIGATE() function has a few options:

  1. Screen to which the navigation should happen.
  2. Transition effect. (1/2/3/4)
  3. Validate (1/0)
  4. Reset (1/0)

If you use the following formula, it should work:

NAVIGATE(“Screen Routing URL”,1,1,0)

Screen Routing URL -> You must have already used this in your action formula.
1 -> Slide to right transition
1 -> Validate the mandatory controls on the screen
0 -> Not to reset the screen as you will be using these fields as hidden fields on the final screen.

Hope this will help.

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Thank you for help, Problem sorted out.