Manage Users

DronaHQ Studio is a no-code platform with a range of features available for creating apps, sheets, and automation. The platform has authentication methods in place for different users and user groups. The users can be added and managed using the Manage Users under the Studio Console Menu .

Under Studio you have the option to Manage Users.

manage user

Here you can see the users as User List and User Hierarchy.

User List

The User List provides a tabular representation of the Users and the functions or actions associated with them. You can get an idea of the user name, email address, group, last action, and the available actions.

There are actions available for respective users depending upon their status: edit user, reset the password, activate or deactivate the user, and so on.

admin actins

You can apply different filters like Status, user type, or user group to filter the user list. The User List allows you to view the Status as well as initiate action for active users to send an email with Login Instructions and email with the Activation links as per the status of the users.

Invite user

You can invite users by providing them an activation link by sending them an email to that effect. To invite users simply click Invite Users from the top right corner of the Manage Users screen. Enter the name and the email address of the user/s and assign a User Group.

Auto activate with Custom Password

You can also Toggle switch ON to enable Auto to activate with Custom Password. Click Invite to send an email with the sign-in URL. The initial password is set here and sent in the email. The password is to be changed when the users sign in for the first time. You can assign a group to the users.

Auto activate with Google credentials

Another option is to auto-activate the login with your Google credentials.

Select the activation type you want to add and send the email to the respective users.

Note: In case you have enabled both the option to auto activate with custom password and google credentials, then the custom password will take precedence over the google credentials.

User Hierarchy

The User Hierarchy enables you to view the user details like the username, department, managers, user email and so on based on the user sheet for your organization.