Making a Stopwatch

Does anyone know how I would go about making a stopwatch that records how long you are doing something for? I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Also, I am unable to make a new workflow, because every time I click “New workflow” it just doesn’t click/doesnt respond. (2nd problem - I have tried using a different computer already.


We will soon be adding Stopwatch control which you can then use to make it a Stopwatch and apply rules/validation accordingly.

Regarding your 2nd problem - If you are clicking on New Workflow on Submit button > Properties, then that workflow will appear under Workflow (Option on the Left Side Bar) > Under you Current Screen > Your New Workflow. Check below screenshot for your reference, where DB Connectors is my Workflow created in DB Connectors New UX Screen. Clicking on the workflow will open up Workflow for configuring

Hope this Helps!