June'23 DronaHQ Update

New Features

SFTP & FTP Connector

Introducing the SFTP & FTP connector, enabling secure file upload, download, movement, and deletion on SFTP & FTP servers. Developers can harness this connector to build automation solutions and robust batch processing systems, saving valuable time and effort. It supports both Basic and Private Key authentication for SFTP.

For more details, refer to our SFTP & FTP Connector Documentation.

Multiple IDP Login

Enable Multiple IDP (Identity Provider) login for different domains within the same account. End users can select from various IDP providers using which they wish to log into, providing enhanced flexibility. This feature is available on Cloud and Self-Hosted solutions, with mobile and web container support is already live now.


Automation 2.0 Enhancements

Exciting Automation Update! We’ve introduced several new features to Automation 2.0, making your automation tasks more flexible and powerful than ever before:

  • New Tasks : Introducing Http Response to customize webhook responses and Filter Object to easily filter an Array of objects by specifying conditions.

  • Version Preview : Now, you can preview and review previous automation versions before rolling back, ensuring smooth workflows.

  • Logging : Add custom logs to each task for effective debugging and troubleshooting, which will be stored in the Run Logs for reference.

  • SELF Keyword : The SELF keyword has been introduced to indicate the current task. In the Logging section, access the output of the current task using {{SELF.output_variable_name}}.

  • Global Keyword - AUTOMATION : AUTOMATION offers three properties: version ({{AUTOMATION.version}}), triggerTime ({{AUTOMATION.triggerTime}}), and logs ({{AUTOMATION.logs}}) for enhanced automation management.

Multistep Authentication Enhancement

Our Multistep Authentication system gets an upgrade with subcategory level authentication and additional authentication steps. This includes:

  • Subcategory level authentication introduced as Sign-In Type.

  • Addition of more authentication steps.

  • Callback auth: A custom auth type that allows you to extract data from query parameters after user authorization.

New - Auth Types

We’ve expanded our authentication options with the introduction of JWT Bearer Authentication, OAuth 2.0 JWT, and NTLM Authentication. These enhancements offer versatile authentication mechanisms to suit your needs.

  • JWT Bearer Authentication : This feature allows clients to securely authenticate and authorize their requests by leveraging JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Learn more in our documentation.
  • OAuth JWT (JSON Web Token) : OAuth JWT is a secure authentication mechanism provided by DronaHQ for configuring REST APIs. Tokens are issued in the form of JSON web tokens, containing claims about the identity and privileges of the authenticated user. These tokens are digitally signed and can be validated by the API server using the corresponding public key. Explore it further here.
  • NTLM Authentication : NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) authentication is a widely used authentication protocol for Windows-based systems. It is a challenge-response-based mechanism where the client and server exchange messages to establish authentication. Find out more in our documentation.
  • OAuth V1.0a Integration : OAuth V1.0a is now seamlessly integrated into the Multistep Authentication as Auth flow and Refresh flow, providing enhanced security and flexibility in authentication.

Data Queries Enhancement

Data queries now provide an option to configure when the queries should run, enhancing the flexibility and control over your data operations.

Builder Forward Dependency Formula Evaluation

Now, after saving the formula of a control or variable, it will automatically re-evaluate the formula of controls immediately dependent on the saved control or variable.

Data Variable Database Query Option

Data Variable now includes a Database Query option. This allows you to select any database connector and write your query directly in the variable, offering extensive transformation options from the connector library.

DronaHQ Docs have found a new place!

We have updated and moved our documentation to docs.dronahq.com.
You can continue to ask questions in the community here.