July'22 DronaHQ Studio Update

New Features

OAuth 1.0a (3 legged) Authentication

The Studio now has a new feature of providing authentication to your micro-apps with OAuth 1.0a (3 legged) which is an authentication method that comprises four main components: user, API, application, and login service. In this method in every step digital signature is created and passed on to the next step.

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OAuth V2 – PKCE Authentication

The studio now has a new feature of providing authentication to your micro-apps with the OAuth V2 – PKCE method which is an extended security type of OAuth 2.0 to prevent CSRF and authorization code injection attacks. PKCE permits applications to utilize the most dependable OAuth 2.0 streams out to the open or untrusted clients.

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Embed using Secure Authentication

Do you want to add some secure authentication to your app’s public link? Well, Studio got you covered with its new feature to EMBED WITH SECURE USER CREDENTIALS IN YOUR APPLICATION with user login. Embedding user credentials in your public link of the published app helps in making the link secure and only accessed by the authorized user.

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Table Grid

Editable columns

This property helps you to choose one or more than one column from the table grid and make it editable. With this, you can edit and make changes in the columns of the table grid from the end-user side of the app after the publishing of the app.


You can read more about it here.

Undo and Redo feature on Editing

Table grid control now has a dedicated undo and redo feature on editing its data.

Actions – Show in Header

On adding a new action, you can set it to be seen in the header of the table grid control.

Persistent column resizing

Now on resizing of column width, it will persist the size on the user-end. The size of the column will not change for everyone but only stay effective for the user who has changed it.

Show Aggregated Footer

This property of table grid control allows you to generate an aggregate value of different distinct information such as unique values, the number of values, the sum of values, empty values, checked values, and more, then displays the result at the bottom of its respective columns on marking of the checkbox.

Multi Condition sort

You can provide the ascending or descending manner of sorting the data based on single or multiple selected columns. If there are multiple sorting for different columns the sorting will happen from the first given condition.

You can read more about it from here.

Prevent passing null or empty parameters

Studio has this new feature where you can toggle on a property in the subcategory of configured REST API to prevent the passing of parameters if the values are null or empty. So when you toggle ON the property of Do not pass parameters if the value is empty or null under the advance section it will prevent the passing of null/empty values such as in the header or body parameters of the API endpoint.

Disable Dates property – Date picker & Date and Time picker control

This enhancement of DISABLE DATES in the property of the Date picker and Date and Time picker control enables you to disable dates in the past and future into various combinations. You can select what range of dates you want to disable in both the past and the future.