JSON data post to API

How can I post the Json data ( which collect from the form repeat control) to API call ? Pls kindly share with me if there any article about this ?

Hi How to bind api response data for table after button click

It is possible to submit the JSON data from a Form Repeat Control by utilizing a JS Code block within the action flow of your logic. you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a basic form that stores orders into a Google Sheet.

  2. On the button_click event of the Submit button, use an ITERATE task to insert each order individually into the Google Sheet.

  3. In the JS Code section, you can extract and manipulate the fields you want to insert into your database from the Form Repeat Control using the ITERATETASKS.VALUE keyword.

  4. Assign these manipulated values as output variables, which you can then use in the next step to insert into your database.

  5. Bind the output of the JS Code to the respective entry fields of your insert query.

I hope this helps.