Issue with connecting to datasource(mentioned)

I just read ‘Connect to Datasource’ section at Building a basic app | Build stunning internal tools, blazing fast
I have given the same connection string as mentioned. However, I couldn’t see that it worked after clicking ‘Test connection’. I see the following message.

Something went wrong

{“error”:“Error: timeout expired”}

The error you’re encountering is typically associated with insufficient user permissions to access the database.
As you mentioned that you’re attempting to connect using the credentials provided in our documentation, The connection string mentioned in the documentation is just a sample for demonstration purposes.
We recommend that you replace it with your own database connection string in order to establish a successful connection.

However, you can also access to certain read-only publicly accessible MySQL databases. You can find the test credentials by following this link:

Here is a link to our documentation on "how to connect to MySQL DB with our platform " for your reference:

I hope this helps you.

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