Issue on Self-Hosting option

I’m trying to execute the self hosting installation on a Mac M1 and it’s not authenticating. When clicking the “Activate Now” button it does not works. I have no firewall installed and nothing else happens.

Any idea?

Hi @jose,

These are some minimum specifications that are required to install our self-hosted instance on your machine. I kindly ask you to review these specifications by visiting the following link:

Additionally, would you be able to provide us with any error snapshots from your browser console that may occur when you click the “Activate Now” button? This information would greatly assist us in gaining a deeper insight into the issue.

Based on what is showing to me, seems that your license validation service using during activation has some problem since it is returning 500.

Can you please check your health status? Kindly follow the below steps:

  1. Open your browser and access your self-hosted URL.
  2. Once on the homepage, locate the “Health Status” section, depicted in the image below:
  3. Click on it and check the Status of the services like MongoDB, MySQL, etc.

If they are not operational then please try to rectify them.

Hey Saga… here are your answer… All services are OK.

However I got some more information that I goofed and did not gave to you before. Sorry about that:

Regarding the error 500.


“ER_BAD_NULL_ERROR: Column ‘tzonedname’ cannot be null”

As you can see there is a newer version (2.3.0) instead of the (2.2.6) that I’m trying to install and seems the error is from a malformed request from the hosted client and the activation API should be returning a 4XX instead of a 500 but, anyway, seems that my version is a problematic one.

I’ll try to change the version to 2.3.0 directly on COMPOSE.YML file and see what happens.


Some more news…

I did updated the version… Same result…

I debugged the page and I have the reqData that is POSTed on /license/InstallLicense.

If someone from DronaHQ support need it for debugging purposes please email me.


Hi @jose,

Could you kindly perform the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the “dronahq/self-hosted” directory by executing the command cd dronahq/self-hosted.
  2. To remove existing containers, run the following command: sudo docker-compose down
  3. Clear the persistent storage created for containers with the command: sudo rm -rf storage
  4. Fetch the latest versions of images by running: sudo docker-compose pull
  5. Reinitialize all containers using: sudo docker-compose up -d
  6. Allow approximately 5 minutes for all containers to start functioning properly. Afterward, access “http://localhost” in your web browser.

If you still encounter any errors, retrieve the logs with the command: sudo docker-compose logs Kindly share these logs for further assistance. You can share the logs with us via email as well (,

Thank You

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