Issue in "Find Rows" in Airtable Integrations

Hey, this not a question, but an issue I faced and found the answer for it. So if anyone is facing the same issue, the answer is here!

I am trying to get the data in my Studio app, present in my Airtable database.

Backstory: In the Airtable database, I have a product details list containing one column of product types (like motorcycles, cars, trains, etc.)

In my Studio app, I have a screen consisting of a menu for the product list (motorcycles, cars, trains, etc.). When I click on any one type, it will redirect me to a list of that particular product type.

In Studio, there’s a formula for viewing the Airtable database rows with necessary filtering. For that, the formula given is [image]. But it gives me an error of “Not able to get data from backend”. What should I do?

Considering all the table name spelling and other details being correct. One thing that needs focus is that “the destination key in the formula should not contain space” for the formula to work.