Issue in Airtable Integration via BINDAPI()

Hey, this not a question, but an issue I faced and found the answer for it. So if anyone is facing the same issue, the answer is here!

I build a form in my Studio app, and after submission, it should create a new row in my Studio Sheets as well as my database in Airtable.

I used configuring a new connector (as shown in the image), and added this connector to my submit button (image below).

But the results came as below (when submitted the form).

So, this happens because whenever you add a value in your form field, the API is called, and thus each type you fill a form field/edit the value in the form field and move on to the next field, the API is called (all this before clicking the submit button). Resulting in new row creation.

So, simple solution, use action flows or workflows!