Introducing the Summary control

Now summarize your multi-screen input control data using the Summary control.

What is the need for Summary control?

We have been designing multi-form apps for some time now. At times when you want to use data that was input on a different screen, you would have added it as a hidden control in that current screen. When you are using several screens and need data to be summarized from many controls this can make designing the form a lengthy process. Hence, we have designed the summary control, which uses the input data from the different pages on the current screen by simply adding the name in the summary control property or can even use the values in the linked workflows. The detailed view of the summarized data makes it very easy for you to use the data.

Where is the Summary control?

You can add the Summary control from the Advance control section of your Controls. On the page where you need the summary, click to add Summary control.

How to use Summary control?

In the Builder, select the Summary control from the Advance controls sections. Under Properties you have a Pages tab. Select the pages to fetch/ summarize data.

Now if you go to your linked workflow for the screen, you can see the input controls from the screens are available in the workflow also. In case you want to add any input task or need to bind the data to a sheet you can use the data from any of the forms.

Whenever you run the respective screens you can see the data from the input controls of the selected pages is displayed in the summary control.

Additionally, when you are generating summary reports using the PDF creator template, you can make use of the Summary control to fetch data for the Summary variables in your template.

We are sure Summary control gives you additional capabilities to summarize data from different pages. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share in our Suggestions Section