Introducing the new feature to add custom Scripts

You can now add scripts to your pages to track and maintain analytics, add chatbots, add custom JavaScripts and so on.

Why was Script configuration introduced?

It is our ongoing effort to provide a range of capabilities. With the amazing new apps that you build to reach out to your end-users, we do realize that you do need the ability to track and maintain analytics to understand the user responses to your app. This has been a request from several of our customers. Hence we decided to add the new feature that allows you to add scripts to track the different events to get a complete picture of the user experience.

Where will you find the Scripts?

Once you login to Studio on the App’s home page, in the top left corner of the screen you can see the Config Options. In the Settings window, you can now see the Script configuration.

How can you use the Script configuration?

Under Scripts you can now see the option to add the scripts for the head section and the body section. Copy the script from the Third-party provider of your needs and paste the script in the respective placeholder for the head section and body section. Once done publish the app. So whenever the app is then used the script is loaded and starts sending the analytics. You need to make sure that your code is validated before publishing and is secure enough to safeguard your customer information.

Note: The Script would be added only in your Published Apps.

We are sure this gives you additional capabilities to configure the app with different integrations. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share your thoughts in our Suggestions Section.

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