Introducing the App Showcase - Templates

Why do we need the Showcase - Templates?

You have been designing your own custom apps, with almost complete control over the UI as well as handling the data. There are several areas and controls in the App Designer that provide some powerful functionalities. However, there are times when you have some common applications that you might have felt have taken a lot more time than expected. There are times where there are apps that are widely used by several of our customers. Hence we decided to create Templates that provide you with ready functionality and speed up your development process even further. You simply need to update the template to customize the application matching your requirement. But you need not put in too much time to build it from scratch and get it ready for the market quickly.

Where can you find the Showcase - Templates?

Under Studio Console > Apps you can find the My Apps where you can see and create your own apps from the marketplace or add a blank app and create it from scratch. Similarly, under Studio Console > Apps, you can find Templates that provide you a host of different common apps to choose from.

How do you use Templates?

  • Under Studio Console > Apps, click Templates. All available templates are listed out. Here you can note that the templates also specify the type of template. These are typically, Mobile App - Responsive Web and Web app - Mobile Responsive. When the App is designed as a Mobile-first UI and Responsive Web, what it means is that the app opens in the Mobile view by default and will be web responsive. Similarly when you have it as a Web app - Mobile responsive it opens as a Web app in Desktop mode and will be adjusted or be responsive to the mobile device resolution.

  • You can update the default screen resolution by using the App Config > Styling > Default Screen Resolution and selecting the resolution accordingly.

  • Select a template and click View App Demo. Now you can see the brief description of the application, a general idea of the skills required, and the major connectors used.

  • You can even take a Live Demo of the app which would not create an actual app immediately but would quickly allow you to run through the steps in general.

  • If you want you can Install and use the template with Demo data.

We are sure the Showcase Templates allow you to leverage the basic structure readily and yet feel in control of your designs while really creating it on the go with ease that only no code offers. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share in our Suggestions Section.