New function for your to formulate your data the way you need it in different scenarios.

What is the Need for the new functions?

You have been using several new applications and using data from sheets and other sources. Functions like the LOOKUP, DLOOKUP, DATETOSTR, and so on are your friends and enable you to build extensively complex and useful applications. We have added a few more functions that would take away some of the problems you faced sometimes with the connectors and even controls like table grid control and some more.

Function Description Syntax
GETKEYVALUE() When you need to get only the value from a specific key value pair then you need to use the GETKEYVALUE function. GETKEYVALUE(object, “keyname”)
MERGEJSON() The MERGEJSON function allows you to parse the data from multiple rows of a JSON column. The JSON column would contain an array of objects. MERGEJSON(LOOKUP([sheet.jsonColumn]))
STRINGTOJSON() The STRINGTOJSON function allows you to parse the data from multiple rows of a JSON column. You need to pass the string Json to the function which then converts it into a JSON array or object. STRINGTOJSON(string JSON)
MAPKEYS() The MAPKEYS() function allows you to customize column headers and also rearrange or reorder them. MAPKEYS([ArrayOfJsonobjects.Key1,ArrayOfJsonobjects.Key2,…],
“Key1 AS newkeyname1, Key2 AS newkeyname2, …”)
FILTER() The FILTER() is used to fetch and filter data from a data store typically when using API calls with controls like Table grid and Detail view. FILTER([datastore.columnname1, datastore.columnname2,…], Filter or Condition, Sort column,Order)

We are sure this gives you additional capabilities to build your action flow using the numerous Action blocks available. In case you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Head to our forum to share in our Suggestions Section.