Integrating Razorpay with DronaHQ

Integrate Razorpay to set up a powerful payment platform to enhance your Micro app’s capabilities as a full-fledged e-commerce solution.

You can accept payments via debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and any of your supported wallets.

Configuring Razorpay connector

  • The Razorpay connector is available under Connectors.

  • You need to add the Razorpay Account to Authenticate Razorpay. So here you can add an account by using Connect Razorpay Account.

  • For this you need to first configure the account and then proceed. Once all details are added, click Save. Your connector account configuration is now done.

  • If you have already configured your account, you simply need to choose it from the list. In case you want to make any changes to the account configuration you can hover your mouse across the account and you can note the edit and delete options. If you want to make any changes to the authenticated account click Edit.

Using Razorpay connector

Now let us consider a few scenarios to understand some of the functionalities available with this integration. You can make use of the connector functions by adding the connector from an Action Flow or a Workflow. You can also use the Bind Data to fetch data from the connector.

Creating Payment Link

For Razorpay you have the CreatePaymentLink action that enables you to create and send a payment link to your customers or concerned person to complete the payment process using different methods like net banking, card, and UPI.

In this example here we are creating a payment link to pay the School’s Fee installment for a student. We will be passing the email id, the phone number and the amount for fees to the payment gateway to create the payment link.

So let us add an action flow to Send Payment Link. In the Action flow, select the Server-side actions and choose the Razorpay connector for which you have already seen how to connect an authenticated account. Select the CreatePaymentLink action for the connector and select the connected account.

Now let us configure the connector fields. The RollNo added here will be considered as the unique Reference ID that is required in the Razorpay connector. Use keywords to link the controls for the amount, the customer name, phone number, email address

It is important to configure whether the link would be sent on email and SMS using the Is SMS Notify and Is Email Notify marked as Yes or No. You can also enable partial payment and then specify the minimum partial amount.

Now, whenever you want to make the fee payment the action flow would be triggered. An email would be sent to the email address of the payee

The email is sent from Razorpay in the above format with the payment details. It is important to note here that we have used the Test Mode to make sample payments using the Razorpay connector. When you are using the integration you would be using the Live mode, which functions exactly the same way.

Note that depending upon whether the user wants to make a complete or partial payment, Razorpay allows you to choose accordingly and then provide the options to choose the payment mode as Card / UPI/ Netbanking or Wallet.

You can visit Razorpay to check the payment link dashboard where all the transactions and payment links are listed out.

The Razorpay connector thus provides you an easy method to configure a payment gateway powered by Razorpay for your customers/ users.