Importing JS libraries

You can import libraries in the form of JavaScript or CSS files when you have external dependencies that need to be imported into your app. With this, your Apps can be further customized and extended with supports libraries for data transformation or data manipulations.

You can Paste the URL of the required libraries’ JS or CSS file link and click Import to add it into your application.

You can add libraries from external URLs. For example, you could add a URL like “” from the`font-awesome libraries" which is their SVG, font, and CSS toolkit or for example using Lodash for iteration of 10000 rows, or Moment.js for time and data transformation, or encrypting API payloads with crypto.js and so on.

You can then add your custom Java script for the respective library under the Transform Response to implement the necessary changes.

Note that when you import libraries then it is from a CDN source and one that is trusted by you as it runs directly along with your application code. Only CSS and JS files can be used as a library.
You can also see the existing libraries that are bundled in your app.