Import Apps using Git

You can import apps using git as well. Provided that you should have a repository from which you want to import the app and an SSH key must be added to your git repository service.

Open the DronaHQ Studio account (different from the account where the app already exists). Go to Apps> Templates> import app.

You then get the option to either upload a JSON file of the app or to perform a git import. Choose git Import.

Now enter the repository link from where you want to import the app.
After this you get two options:

  1. Generate SSH Key: Which you have copy and add it to your git service provider account. To understand more you can refer to here.

    SSH key generated

  2. Use Existing Key: Where you have to select existing SSH Key, which can be used multiple times and must be added to your git service providers. You can refer to here to know more.

Click on Test & Save Connection.

Next, you have to select the branch of the repository, where the app is available and then click Install & Verify.

While importing the app from git repository, we have to make sure that the same connectors and APIs with the same name are present in the account or else it will show an error message.

So, once you have connected the required connectors with the same name, it will show Confirm & Install.

Now your app is created after import.