Image Slider Problem


Tried to insert an Image JPG file into a sheet using upload control and inserted successfully and showing the same in sheet. when binding the same in Image slider, it is showing only caption “alternate text” instead of image. Same thing is showing in showing as “alternate text” in Multi Image control. But showing correctly when binding to an Image control giving a filter condition of UniqueID with a single record

Is there any conditions that only particular image files will be supported in Imageslider ?


If you want to bind an image from the sheet, image control is the best option.
The best case for image slider control is displaying static images.

Ok. thank you for the information.

But suppose if we have multiple images for a single record in a sheet either in a column of the same sheet or in multiple image records in a different sheet how we can bind the images of that record ?

You can bind it in the table grid control. Also we keep updating our list of controls and their features, which might accomodate these features.

Now It is showing the images in Image slider also.

Thank you


Checked with a table grid. But not showing the Images in table grid, giving only a caption “JPG” in table grid.But it is showing the images in Image slider now when binding the images dynamically by giving a formula in Image slider control