How to use connector of MySQL

Dear Team,

I’m trying to use DBConnector to connect my MySQL db,

in the Test page it is asking Account Name, what is Account Name ? & How we will able to use it, please provide some clarification.

Hi @kundan.jha
Account Name is the User friendly name you can provide to identify the connection.
For Using DB Connectors is same as using the Rest Apis. You will have to first add list of queries that you will need to use it in your App and those are available in UI Builder or Workflow to consume same way as Rest Api.

For Dynamic parameter in your Queries, you can add variables and can be used in you query using Double curly braces. for example, I have added a variable called variablename, sample query for GetAuthorByID will look this this in the query editor-

select * from Author where author_id = {{variablename}}

For Using in your App, Check this topic on Api Integration
Hope this Helps!