How to update data from the table

i have a users data table and now i when i click on the one of the user row it takes to the other page, in that page some form fields are available and i modified or given some text in those field , saved it. so like that it updates for every user by using rest api.

Hi @bhanuprasad.ippili99 ,

Certainly! When working with the tablegrid control, the row_select event serves as a trigger that allows you to perform actions when a specific row is selected. In this context, you can leverage the row_select event to smoothly transition to a new tray, a designated section, or an interface within your application.

Within this new tray, you have the opportunity to design and include a form along with an update button. The form likely enables users to input or modify data, and the update button initiates a specific action when clicked.

To ensure that the update button performs the desired action, such as updating data through an API (Application Programming Interface), you need to configure the Update API settings. This involves specifying the endpoint, parameters, and any other necessary details to facilitate a successful interaction with the backend system.

For a comprehensive understanding of connecting to REST APIs and configuring them for your application, you can refer to the provided article at Configuring APIs | Build stunning internal tools, blazing fast. This documentation will guide you through the process of setting up and managing API connections within the DronaHQ platform, helping you integrate external services seamlessly into your application.

I hope this helps :smiley:.

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