How to save date in string format?

I am making Employee Management System app ,In that I designed a form to apply leave .on that form I am using date control from control panel to specify “fromdate” to “Todate” .I am using postgrey as my Database. I can not enter the leave data in the database beacause date control has it’s expected form “Unix”.i want to convert date from unix to string format, In Unix format date can’t be identified. Please Guide me.

Hi @aditi.auty,

You can use hidden Text Input or Input Label control to convert the data into a string and then do the necessary submissions.

We have provided you with some predefined excel functions that can help you in converting the date time control’s data as desired. Here are a couple of relevant articles and tips & tricks for your reference:

Here in your case, you can add 1 hidden Text Input control and use DATESTR() function in the Custom Formula of the Text Input control to convert the date referred from the Date Picker control into a string.

Know more about DATESTR() function in the Date & Time Functions article.

Here is a snapshot of the preview for your reference:

I hope this will help. :slight_smile:

Yes it works, Thank you for your help prerana.