How to import .csv file

One more method to create sheets is to import a .csv file.
To import a .csv file you need to follow below mentioned steps.

  • Go to Sheets, click on “Add Sheet”, a dialogue box appears.


  • Enter a suitable name for the Sheet (Special characters or spaces are not allowed) Enable sync is used to push updated data onto connected users device, It helps fetch the data instantly even when user goes offline.

  • Click on “Import CSV” to import a .csv file.

  • A dialogue box appears with a button “Choose a .csv file”, you can import a table into Studio by uploading a .csv file with tabular data, most spreadsheet application will allow you to export your spreadsheet as a .csv file.


  • Click on “Choose a .csv file”, browse and choose the desired .csv file.

  • To upload the data from CSV File, there is a toggle switch to upload the sheet with data.

  • Set Column Type with the respective Column.

  • You can select from different column types such as text, email, number, URL, etc.

  • Click on “Upload” to import the sheet along with the data.

This is how you can create sheets by importing .csv file.