How to find number of rows in a given sheet?

I want to find last invoice number basis which next one to calculate. How to do it?

Can you elaborate more on the above?

Incase you are trying to generate Invoice numbers the better idea is to have a Formula column in Sheets, we have a auto generating column called as unique_id in Sheets on which you can generate the Invoice number by writing a custom Formula.

Another idea is to generate the same Invoice number using a custom formula in Workflow after the submission is done (and unique_id is generated)as it will not have any conflicts.

Ideally it is never a good idea to generate an Invoice number on the UI as it has a probability of having conflicts with simultaneous submissions.

You can use MAX() function and in the MAX() function you can LOOKUP() the unique_id sheet where you store invoices.

For instance, if the sheet name is Invoices, then you can use the formula -
This will return the largest value.

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But i want to get MAX value from custom add numeric fields.

Hi @dineshg.patel ,

Can you elaborate on what do you want to do? The numeric control will give only a single output. Let me know if I am missing something.