How to create Sheets?

This article helps you with creating sheets

Sheets are the backbone of the apps you create on DronaHQ Studio, It is where the data can be stored, updated, deleted and used for calculations using formulas.

To create a sheet you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to Studio > SHEETS. You will see a screen in which all your apps are listed along with “Global ".

  • You can add Sheets in two categories
    Global - Sheets added here can be accessed globally by every app.
    App - Sheets added here can only be accessed by the app itself.

  • Click on the “+ Add Sheet” button to create a sheet.

  • A Pop up will appear as shown below


Enter a Meaningful name of the sheet in the space provided.

Generally, you should follow the Sheet design conventions while creating sheets -

  1. All master data will be stored in the sheet with its name ending in “Master”; for example “ProductMaster”, “CustomerMaster”, etc.

  2. All data submitted from forms will go in sheets name ending with “Logs”; for example, if the form/screen is to capture Orders, then the data will be submitted in OrdersLogs

  3. All main sheets like storing Order details or Booking details will be stored in sheets with the respective name; for instance - “OrderDetails”, “InvoiceDetails”, etc. Data from Logs need to be inserted/updated in these main sheets using workflows.

There is a toggle switch for Enabling Sync which lets you to push data onto a connected user’s device and helps to fetch data instantly even when offline.

  • Another way to create a sheet is to import a .csv file by clicking on “ Import CSV” button. "