How to create a bindable and actionable button inside product list list repeats

How can I use the Designer to create an actionable button which is unique to every list repeat option? and can be binded to a column of a sheet.

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HI Saket,
You can have the action button inside the List-repeat item itself since only one control can be added to list repeat.

To do so,

  1. Open your control in designer/Or make a new control on designer.
  2. Select any block from your control you desire to make as an action button.
  3. On the traits sidebar, tick the actionable checkbox and give a name to the action.
  4. The action should be available inside that control which you can bind to a column of a sheet.

Hope this gives you a better insight for the said topic.
Mohit Agarwal.

Hi @mohit,
Thank you for your insight. This works if the product list is not in listrepeat control. Do you know how can I make it work inside the listrepeat control?

Even I had a similar problem. I also wanted to know how do you navigate to new screen with some data from the previous screen. For example if I wanted to open the details screen by clicking the item from the list repeat. How will i do that?

Design The Control With an Action button and use it in the List repeat.
Also, mark actionable and give the action a name.

Here I have designed a control. Which has 3 Boxes of information. I have added a button, And You can perform the desired action. Maybe you can resize the action Button to be smaller.


I am facing an issue with Actionable button inside list repeat. Earlier, I was able generate an actionable button. But Not Now. Wondering what is different?
The Action Icon shows up but not the drill down options to select what action to initiate.