How to auto submit form on enter key?

How can I invoke the submit button programmatically based on an enter key being pressed?


There are Rules to show/hide control.

You can use the Enter Key to invoke an action which will switch the state of a toggle everytime it’s pressed.

You can set the rule according to the state of this toggle.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure I understand how to invoke an action from an enter keypress? The only states that I can see are viable are to show/hide the submit button based on the input containing text or not.


Currently we don’t support next action on Input controls. This is a good feature to have, we have noted this down. Thanks for suggestion.

HI @fenil.jain, this is something that would be extremely useful for us since we use an enter suffix after an on-scan event with our handheld scanners. Having it auto submit takes out a step each time which saves a lot of time and annoyance when scanning thousands of products each day.

If it is possible to get this added (along with an onfocus event) we would be extremely grateful!