How to Add registered APIs in your Studio Apps

This article will guide you to use registered APIs in your App

The apps registered in API tab should be added in the microapp first in order to use the data from the API in your App. To do so, follow the below mentioned steps -

  1. Go to Studio Home screen and click “+” icon to add a new App. Fill all required details and click on Add New App button. This will land you on App builder page.

  2. On the App Builder page, click on the API option on the left most pane. This is the tab where you can add/edit the registered API (as shown in the red colored circle in the below image).

  3. On the API tab, click on the ADD icon to add the registered API. On clicking ADD icon, API Registration for App modal will open as shown below -

  4. Select the Category & Sub-Category from the corresponding dropdown. These dropdowns will display the Category Name & Service Name of the registered APIs. Therefore, continuing the example of Google Custom search from the article “How to register an API”, the Category & Sub-Category would " General " & " GCSE " resp.

  5. Provide a meaningful name for this API in the field Enter Name . This name will be used while using the API in your App. Let’s put the name as " GoogleCustomSearch " for our example API.

  6. Since our example of Google Custom Search API used a GET method and a query string parameter called as " q ", which was marked as mandatory & dynamic properties was enabled, hence when you select the Category as General & Sub-category as “GCSE”, the " q " parameter will be populated under the Query String tab, indicating that the value has to be passed dynamically. To pass data dynamically, either you use a Static Value here or you can use a Studio Keyword or you can use a Control’s reference i.e. Field Value from the App. As shown in the below image -

For our example, let’s stick to static values, say " test " and bind the api in a text control.

  1. Once you have configured the API in your App, click on Save button to save the API. After clicking Save, the API tab on App builder will displayed as shown in the below image.


This is how you add a registered API in your App.