How can I create an API connector to a server using self-signed TLS certificate?

I’d like to create an API connector, but the server is exposing a self-signed certificate, so when I click the “Test Connection” link it gives me a “Something went wrong. Please check your configuration and try again” without details.
Is there a way to add accepted Certificates or CA to an API connector?
Thanks in advance

Hi @vamadou,
Could you mention to what connector you are trying to connect?
If you are trying to connect to one of the Databases connectors, we have a Connect Using SSL option which you can toggle ON and then toggle ON the Use a self-signed certificate option which will allow you to paste your CA or Client Key and Client Certificate.

Here are a couple of screenshots for your reference.

You can also refer to this article about Connect using SSL

Hope this helps.

Indeed I saw that there was an option for Database connectors, but here I am trying to add a new Custom API connector:

Didn’t find the equivalent in API connector configurator