GSheets API works great in preview mode but not in published app

the Gsheets API connection seems to work well on preview mode . I published the app and opened it on web/ipad/ and iphone, using the same account I used in the Drona studio but the Gsheets APi does not seem to be working, do you have an idea why that is? anything I should take a look at?


Just to confirm, Did you publish the app after checking it working fine in preview?

Also, Possible to share public embed link of this App with steps to replicate it, if it is a test app or doesn’t have any sensitive data?
Seems to be working fine for us in published app as well.

@fenil.jain , @ChiragJ /@chirag1
I sent you a separate message but I also created a test app that does the same

  1. connector setup up using Find rows on GSheet connector - dropdown on the UI is a query/find parameter
  2. Datastore references the connector
  3. Tablegrid references the data store

Here is what it looks like in preview mode - works great

In published mode, nothing appears


when I inspect the network activity on the published app, it does not trigger the API to run even if I change the dropdowns or any input

and yes I did publish after having it work fin in preview


After looking into it, issue was not specific to GSheets ApI per se but it was related to a dependent controls you had used was not triggering a change event thereby not calling the Gsheets Api. This issue has been fixed now and you should now be able to republish the app and see it would be working fine as expected.

Hope this Helps!

It works, thank you!